Get to know our board of directors

Peter Wendel Chairman of the board

Born in 1962, chairman since 2017.

Education: High school graduate, entrepreneur, seasoned board member.

Experience: Peter Wendel has a long and solid track-record as an entrepreneur within the software development sector, as well as in other areas of the tech industry. He also has extensive board experience, having served on the boards of a number of listed companies.

Other assignments:
Growth Mgmt AB - CEO and chairman since 2017
ISAB Group AB - Chairman since 2018
Klash AB - Alternate since 2021
Appsales Sweden AB - Alternate since 2020
Hoodin AB - Chairman since 2018
Northern CapSek Ventures AB - Chairman since 2019
PubQ AB - Chairman since 2020
EKAPAIF AB - Chairman since 2019
BDASS Producations AB - Chairman since 2017
APTR warrants AB - Board member since 2020

Shares: 505. Peter Wendel also holds 2,054 shares via Growth Mgmt AB, and Northern Capsek Ventures AB which holds 140,484 shares.

Independent in relation to the company and its management, but not in regard to the company's major shareholders.

Emelie Renholm Board member
Bobby Spencer Board member
Hanna Konyi Board member


Ulf Johansson Längvik Auditor

The elected auditing firm is Frejs Revisorer AB. The principal auditor is Ulf Johansson Längvik, an authorized auditor and member of FAR - the institute for the accountancy profession in Sweden.